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The World is the top level object representing a map or a sandbox in which Actors and Components will exist and be rendered. A World can be a single Persistent Level with an optional list of streaming levels that are loaded and unloaded via volumes and blueprint functions or it can be a collection of levels organized with a World Composition. In a standalone game, generally only a single World exists except during seamless area transitions when both a destination and current world exists. In the editor many Worlds exist: The level being edited, each PIE instance, each editor tool which has an interactive rendered viewport, and many more.

Member Type Offset Share

Persistent level containing the world info, default brush and actors spawned during gameplay among other things

ULevel* 0x30

The NAME_GameNetDriver game connection(s) for client/server communication

UNetDriver* 0x38

Line Batchers. All lines to be drawn in the world.

ULineBatchComponent* 0x40

Persistent Line Batchers. They don't get flushed every frame.

ULineBatchComponent* 0x48

Foreground Line Batchers. This can't be Persistent.

ULineBatchComponent* 0x50

Instance of this world's game-specific networking management

AGameNetworkManager* 0x58

Instance of this world's game-specific physics collision handler

UPhysicsCollisionHandler* 0x60

Array of any additional objects that need to be referenced by this world, to make sure they aren't GC'd

TArray<UObject*> 0x68

External modules can have additional data associated with this UWorld.

TArray<UObject*> 0x78
LevelSequenceActors TArray<AActor*> 0x88
StreamingLevels TArray<ULevelStreaming*> 0x98
StreamingLevelsToConsider FStreamingLevelsToConsider 0xa8

Prefix we used to rename streaming levels, non empty in PIE and standalone preview

FString 0xd0
CurrentLevelPendingVisibility ULevel* 0xe0
CurrentLevelPendingInvisibility ULevel* 0xe8
DemoNetDriver UDemoNetDriver* 0xf0

Particle event manager

AParticleEventManager* 0xf8
DefaultPhysicsVolume APhysicsVolume* 0x100
bAreConstraintsDirty : 1 char 0x11e
NavigationSystem UNavigationSystemBase* 0x120
AuthorityGameMode AGameModeBase* 0x128
GameState AGameStateBase* 0x130
AISystem UAISystemBase* 0x138
AvoidanceManager UAvoidanceManager* 0x140
Levels TArray<ULevel*> 0x148
LevelCollections TArray<FLevelCollection> 0x158
OwningGameInstance UGameInstance* 0x188
ParameterCollectionInstances TArray<UMaterialParameterCollectionInstance*> 0x190
CanvasForRenderingToTarget UCanvas* 0x1a0
CanvasForDrawMaterialToRenderTarget UCanvas* 0x1a8
ComponentsThatNeedEndOfFrameUpdate TArray<UActorComponent*> 0x200
ComponentsThatNeedEndOfFrameUpdate_OnGameThread TArray<UActorComponent*> 0x210

All levels information from which our world is composed

UWorldComposition* 0x560
PSCPool FWorldPSCPool 0x5f0