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UBlueprintGeneratedClass > UClass > UStruct > UField > UObject

The widget blueprint generated class allows us to create blueprint-able widgets for UMG at runtime. All WBPGC's are of UUserWidget classes, and they perform special post initialization using this class to give themselves many of the same capabilities as AActor blueprints, like dynamic delegate binding for widgets.

Member Type Offset Share
WidgetTree UWidgetTree* 0x328
bAllowTemplate : 1 char 0x330
bAllowDynamicCreation : 1 char 0x330
bValidTemplate : 1 char 0x330
bTemplateInitialized : 1 char 0x330
bCookedTemplate : 1 char 0x330
bClassRequiresNativeTick : 1 char 0x330
Bindings TArray<FDelegateRuntimeBinding> 0x338
Animations TArray<UWidgetAnimation*> 0x348
NamedSlots TArray<FName> 0x358
TemplateAsset TSoftObjectPtr<UUserWidget> 0x368
Template UUserWidget* 0x390