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UUserWidget > UWidget > UVisual > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
UberGraphFrame FPointerToUberGraphFrame 0x230
Fade UWidgetAnimation* 0x238
BackgroundDust UImage* 0x240
BackgroundFrame UImage* 0x248
BackgroundGlow UImage* 0x250
BackgroundImage UImage* 0x258
BackgroundScanlines UImage* 0x260
BottomDivider UImage* 0x268
Button_Close UButton* 0x270
Button_Destroy UButton* 0x278
Button_Food UButton* 0x280
divider UImage* 0x288
divider2 UImage* 0x290
divider3 UImage* 0x298
divider4 UImage* 0x2a0
divider5 UImage* 0x2a8
divider6 UImage* 0x2b0
divider7 UImage* 0x2b8
Dusty UImage* 0x2c0
Egg0 UWBP_Egg_C* 0x2c8
Egg0Handle UImage* 0x2d0
Egg0Label UWBP_EggLabel_C* 0x2d8
Egg1 UWBP_Egg_C* 0x2e0
Egg1Handle UImage* 0x2e8
Egg1Label UWBP_EggLabel_C* 0x2f0
Egg2 UWBP_Egg_C* 0x2f8
Egg2Handle UImage* 0x300
Egg2Label UWBP_EggLabel_C* 0x308
Egg3 UWBP_Egg_C* 0x310
Egg3Handle UImage* 0x318
Egg3Label UWBP_EggLabel_C* 0x320
Fader UImage* 0x328
Glow UImage* 0x330
GRID UImage* 0x338
Label_Destroy UTextBlock* 0x340
Label_Food UTextBlock* 0x348
NestIcon UImage* 0x350
NestImage UImage* 0x358
StatisticsContainer UScrollBox* 0x360
StatsBG UImage* 0x368
StatsHeader UTextBlock* 0x370
TextBlock_2 UTextBlock* 0x378
TextBlock_3 UTextBlock* 0x380
TextBlock_4 UTextBlock* 0x388
TextBlock_5 UTextBlock* 0x390
TextBlock_6 UTextBlock* 0x398
TextBlock_7 UTextBlock* 0x3a0
Vignette UImage* 0x3a8
Nest AINest* 0x3b0
Egg Widgets TArray<UWBP_Egg_C*> 0x3b8
Egg Labels TArray<UWBP_EggLabel_C*> 0x3c8