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UUserWidget > UWidget > UVisual > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
UberGraphFrame FPointerToUberGraphFrame 0x230
AnimAssetLocationCopied UWidgetAnimation* 0x238
AnimNestLocationCopied UWidgetAnimation* 0x240
AnimStart UWidgetAnimation* 0x248
AgeText UTextBlock* 0x250
AssetAltText UTextBlock* 0x258
AssetLatText UTextBlock* 0x260
AssetLocationButton UButton* 0x268
AssetLongText UTextBlock* 0x270
BiteText UTextBlock* 0x278
CharacterButton UButton* 0x280
CharacterCheckBox UWBP_CheckBox_C* 0x288
CharacterWidget UWBP_MyDinosaur_Character_C* 0x290
DietText UTextBlock* 0x298
EggsText UTextBlock* 0x2a0
GenderText UTextBlock* 0x2a8
GroupButton UButton* 0x2b0
GroupCheckBox UWBP_CheckBox_C* 0x2b8
GroupWidget UWBP_MyDinosaur_Group_C* 0x2c0
HealthText UTextBlock* 0x2c8
MainWidgetSwitcher UWidgetSwitcher* 0x2d0
MatingText UTextBlock* 0x2d8
NestAltText UTextBlock* 0x2e0
NestLatText UTextBlock* 0x2e8
NestLocationButton UButton* 0x2f0
NestLongText UTextBlock* 0x2f8
SpeedText UTextBlock* 0x300
TimeClockText UTextBlock* 0x308
WeightText UTextBlock* 0x310
GameInstance UBP_GameInstance_C* 0x318
Dinosaur ABP_BaseDinosaur_C* 0x320
PlayerState ABP_PlayerState_C* 0x328
CharacterData FCharacterSelectRow 0x330