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UUserWidget > UWidget > UVisual > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
UberGraphFrame FPointerToUberGraphFrame 0x230
AnimShow UWidgetAnimation* 0x238
IgnoreText UTextBlock* 0x240
InformationRichText URichTextBlock* 0x248
LowerGlow UImage* 0x250
TextBacking UImage* 0x258
TimeProgressBar UProgressBar* 0x260
TipImage UImage* 0x268
TitleText UTextBlock* 0x270
OnClosed FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x278
CurrentTipId FName 0x288
CurrentTip FGameTipData 0x290
bTipVisible bool 0x2e0
TipDuration float 0x2e4
QueuedTips TMap<FName, FGameTipData> 0x2e8
PlayerController AIPlayerController* 0x338
TipTimer FTimerHandle 0x340