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Member Type Offset Share
CollisionMesh UStaticMesh* 0x28
bDontCreateShape bool 0x30
bAutoAdjustCollisionSize bool 0x31
Offset FVector 0x34
ShapeRadius float 0x40
ShapeWidth float 0x44
Mass float 0x48
DampingRate float 0x4c
SteerAngle float 0x50
bAffectedByHandbrake bool 0x54
TireType UTireType* 0x58
TireConfig UTireConfig* 0x60
LatStiffMaxLoad float 0x68
LatStiffValue float 0x6c
LongStiffValue float 0x70
SuspensionForceOffset float 0x74
SuspensionMaxRaise float 0x78
SuspensionMaxDrop float 0x7c
SuspensionNaturalFrequency float 0x80
SuspensionDampingRatio float 0x84
SweepType EWheelSweepType 0x88
MaxBrakeTorque float 0x8c
MaxHandBrakeTorque float 0x90
VehicleSim UWheeledVehicleMovementComponent* 0x98
WheelIndex int32_t 0xa0
DebugLongSlip float 0xa4
DebugLatSlip float 0xa8
DebugNormalizedTireLoad float 0xac
DebugWheelTorque float 0xb4
DebugLongForce float 0xb8
DebugLatForce float 0xbc
Location FVector 0xc0
OldLocation FVector 0xcc
Velocity FVector 0xd8