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UWidget > UVisual > UObject

The user widget is extensible by users through the WidgetBlueprint.

Member Type Offset Share

The color and opacity of this widget. Tints all child widgets.

FLinearColor 0x110
ColorAndOpacityDelegate FDelegate 0x120

The foreground color of the widget, this is inherited by sub widgets.

FSlateColor 0x130
ForegroundColorDelegate FDelegate 0x158

The padding area around the content.

FMargin 0x168

All the sequence players currently playing

TArray<UUMGSequencePlayer*> 0x178

List of sequence players to cache and clean up when safe

TArray<UUMGSequencePlayer*> 0x188
NamedSlotBindings TArray<FNamedSlotBinding> 0x198

The widget tree contained inside this user widget initialized by the blueprint

UWidgetTree* 0x1a8
Priority int32_t 0x1b0
bSupportsKeyboardFocus : 1 char 0x1b4
bIsFocusable : 1 char 0x1b4
bStopAction : 1 char 0x1b4
bHasScriptImplementedTick : 1 char 0x1b4
bHasScriptImplementedPaint : 1 char 0x1b4
bCookedWidgetTree : 1 char 0x1b4
TickFrequency EWidgetTickFrequency 0x1c0
InputComponent UInputComponent* 0x1c8
AnimationCallbacks TArray<FAnimationEventBinding> 0x1d0