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UWidget > UVisual > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
ValueX float 0x108
ValueY float 0x10c
ValueXDelegate FDelegate 0x110
ValueYDelegate FDelegate 0x120
WidgetStyle FSynth2DSliderStyle 0x130
SliderHandleColor FLinearColor 0x3e8
IndentHandle bool 0x3f8
Locked bool 0x3f9
StepSize float 0x3fc
IsFocusable bool 0x400
OnMouseCaptureBegin FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x408
OnMouseCaptureEnd FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x418
OnControllerCaptureBegin FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x428
OnControllerCaptureEnd FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x438
OnValueChangedX FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x448
OnValueChangedY FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x458