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USceneComponent > UActorComponent > UObject

A geometry layer within the stereo rendered viewport.

Member Type Offset Share
bLiveTexture : 1 char 0x1f0
bSupportsDepth : 1 char 0x1f0
bNoAlphaChannel : 1 char 0x1f0

Texture displayed on the stereo layer (is stereocopic textures are supported on the platfrom and more than one texture is provided, this will be the right eye)

UTexture* 0x1f8

Texture displayed on the stereo layer for left eye, if stereoscopic textures are supported on the platform and by the layer shape

UTexture* 0x200
bQuadPreserveTextureRatio : 1 char 0x208

Size of the rendered stereo layer quad

FVector2D 0x20c

UV coordinates mapped to the quad face

FBox2D 0x214
CylinderRadius float 0x228
CylinderOverlayArc float 0x22c
CylinderHeight int32_t 0x230
EquirectProps FEquirectProps 0x234

Specifies how and where the quad is rendered to the screen

EStereoLayerType 0x27c
StereoLayerShape EStereoLayerShape 0x27d

Specifies which shape of layer it is.

UStereoLayerShape* 0x280

Render priority among all stereo layers, higher priority render on top of lower priority

int32_t 0x288