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UStreamableRenderAsset > UObject

A StaticMesh is a piece of geometry that consists of a static set of polygons. Static Meshes can be translated, rotated, and scaled, but they cannot have their vertices animated in any way. As such, they are more efficient to render than other types of geometry such as USkeletalMesh, and they are often the basic building block of levels created in the engine.

Member Type Offset Share
MinLOD FPerPlatformInt 0x60
LpvBiasMultiplier float 0x64
StaticMaterials TArray<FStaticMaterial> 0x68
LightmapUVDensity float 0x78
LightMapResolution int32_t 0x7c
LightMapCoordinateIndex int32_t 0x80

Useful for reducing self shadowing from distance field methods when using world position offset to animate the mesh's vertices.

float 0x84
BodySetup UBodySetup* 0x88

Specifies which mesh LOD to use for complex (per-poly) collision.

int32_t 0x90
bGenerateMeshDistanceField : 1 char 0x94
bStripComplexCollisionForConsole : 1 char 0x94
bHasNavigationData : 1 char 0x94
bSupportUniformlyDistributedSampling : 1 char 0x94
bSupportPhysicalMaterialMasks : 1 char 0x94
bIsBuiltAtRuntime : 1 char 0x94
bAllowCPUAccess : 1 char 0x94
bSupportGpuUniformlyDistributedSampling : 1 char 0x95

Array of named socket locations, set up in editor and used as a shortcut instead of specifying everything explicitly to AttachComponent in the StaticMeshComponent.

TArray<UStaticMeshSocket*> 0xb8
PositiveBoundsExtension FVector 0xd8
NegativeBoundsExtension FVector 0xe4
ExtendedBounds FBoxSphereBounds 0xf0

Index of an element to ignore while gathering streaming texture factors.

int32_t 0x10c

Array of user data stored with the asset

TArray<UAssetUserData*> 0x110
EditableMesh UObject* 0x128
NavCollision UNavCollisionBase* 0x130