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UPrimitiveComponent > USceneComponent > UActorComponent > UObject

A spline component is a spline shape which can be used for other purposes (e.g. animating objects). It contains debug rendering capabilities.

Member Type Offset Share
SplineCurves FSplineCurves 0x408
SplineInfo FInterpCurveVector 0x470
SplineRotInfo FInterpCurveQuat 0x488
SplineScaleInfo FInterpCurveVector 0x4a0
SplineReparamTable FInterpCurveFloat 0x4b8
bAllowSplineEditingPerInstance bool 0x4d0

Number of steps per spline segment to place in the reparameterization table

int32_t 0x4d4

Specifies the duration of the spline in seconds

float 0x4d8

Whether the endpoints of the spline are considered stationary when traversing the spline at non-constant velocity.

bool 0x4dc

Whether the spline has been edited from its default by the spline component visualizer

bool 0x4dd

Whether the UCS has made changes to the spline points

bool 0x4de

Whether the spline points should be passed to the User Construction Script so they can be further manipulated by it.

bool 0x4df

If true, the spline will be rendered if the Splines showflag is set.

bool 0x4e0
bClosedLoop bool 0x4e1
bLoopPositionOverride bool 0x4e2
LoopPosition float 0x4e4

Default up vector in local space to be used when calculating transforms along the spline

FVector 0x4e8