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USoundNode > UObject

SoundNodeDistanceCrossFade This node's purpose is to play different sounds based on the distance to the listener. The node mixes between the N different sounds which are valid for the distance. One should think of a SoundNodeDistanceCrossFade as Mixer node which determines the set of nodes to "mix in" based on their distance to the sound. Example: You have a gun that plays a fire sound. At long distances you want a different sound than if you were up close. So you use a SoundNodeDistanceCrossFade which will calculate the distance a listener is from the sound and play either: short distance, long distance, mix of short and long sounds. A SoundNodeDistanceCrossFade differs from an SoundNodeAttenuation in that any sound is only going be played if it is within the MinRadius and MaxRadius. So if you want the short distance sound to be heard by people close to it, the MinRadius should probably be 0 The volume curve for a SoundNodeDistanceCrossFade will look like this: Volume (of the input) FadeInDistance.Max > _________________ < FadeOutDistance.Min / \ / \ / \ FadeInDistance.Min >/ \ < FadeOutDistance.Max

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Each input needs to have the correct data filled in so the SoundNodeDistanceCrossFade is able to determine which sounds to play

TArray<FDistanceDatum> 0x48