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UStreamableRenderAsset > UObject

SkeletalMesh is geometry bound to a hierarchical skeleton of bones which can be animated for the purpose of deforming the mesh. Skeletal Meshes are built up of two parts; a set of polygons composed to make up the surface of the mesh, and a hierarchical skeleton which can be used to animate the polygons. The 3D models, rigging, and animations are created in an external modeling and animation application (3DSMax, Maya, Softimage, etc).

Member Type Offset Share
Skeleton USkeleton* 0x60
ImportedBounds FBoxSphereBounds 0x68
ExtendedBounds FBoxSphereBounds 0x84

The properties below are protected to force the use of the Set* methods for this data in code so we can keep the extended bounds up to date after changing the data.

FVector 0xa0

Bound extension values in addition to imported bound in the negative direction of XYZ, positive value increases bound size and negative value decreases bound size.

FVector 0xac
Materials TArray<FSkeletalMaterial> 0xb8
SkelMirrorTable TArray<FBoneMirrorInfo> 0xc8
LODInfo TArray<FSkeletalMeshLODInfo> 0xd8
MinLOD FPerPlatformInt 0x138
DisableBelowMinLodStripping FPerPlatformBool 0x13c
SkelMirrorAxis EAxis 0x13d
SkelMirrorFlipAxis EAxis 0x13e
bUseFullPrecisionUVs : 1 char 0x13f
bUseHighPrecisionTangentBasis : 1 char 0x13f
bHasBeenSimplified : 1 char 0x13f
bHasVertexColors : 1 char 0x13f
bEnablePerPolyCollision : 1 char 0x13f
BodySetup UBodySetup* 0x140
PhysicsAsset UPhysicsAsset* 0x148
ShadowPhysicsAsset UPhysicsAsset* 0x150
NodeMappingData TArray<UNodeMappingContainer*> 0x158
MorphTargets TArray<UMorphTarget*> 0x168
PostProcessAnimBlueprint UAnimInstance* 0x2f0
MeshClothingAssets TArray<UClothingAssetBase*> 0x2f8

Defines if and how to generate a set of precomputed data allowing targeted and fast sampling of this mesh on the CPU.

FSkeletalMeshSamplingInfo 0x308

Array of user data stored with the asset

TArray<UAssetUserData*> 0x338
Sockets TArray<USkeletalMeshSocket*> 0x350

Set of skin weight profiles associated with this mesh

TArray<FSkinWeightProfileInfo> 0x370