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UActorComponent > UObject

A SceneComponent has a transform and supports attachment, but has no rendering or collision capabilities. Useful as a 'dummy' component in the hierarchy to offset others.

Member Type Offset Share
PhysicsVolume TWeakObjectPtr<APhysicsVolume> 0xb8
AttachParent USceneComponent* 0xc0
AttachSocketName FName 0xc8
AttachChildren TArray<USceneComponent*> 0xd0
ClientAttachedChildren TArray<USceneComponent*> 0xe0
RelativeLocation FVector 0x11c
RelativeRotation FRotator 0x128
RelativeScale3D FVector 0x134

Velocity of the component.

FVector 0x140
bComponentToWorldUpdated : 1 char 0x14c
bAbsoluteLocation : 1 char 0x14c
bAbsoluteRotation : 1 char 0x14c
bAbsoluteScale : 1 char 0x14c
bVisible : 1 char 0x14c
bShouldBeAttached : 1 char 0x14c
bShouldSnapLocationWhenAttached : 1 char 0x14c
bShouldSnapRotationWhenAttached : 1 char 0x14d
bShouldUpdatePhysicsVolume : 1 char 0x14d
bHiddenInGame : 1 char 0x14d
bBoundsChangeTriggersStreamingDataRebuild : 1 char 0x14d
bUseAttachParentBound : 1 char 0x14d

How often this component is allowed to move, used to make various optimizations.

EComponentMobility 0x14f

If detail mode is >= system detail mode, primitive won't be rendered.

EDetailMode 0x150

Delegate that will be called when PhysicsVolume has been changed

FMulticastSparseDelegate 0x151