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UContentWidget > UPanelWidget > UWidget > UVisual > UObject

The Retainer Box renders children widgets to a render target first before later rendering that render target to the screen. This allows both frequency and phase to be controlled so that the UI can actually render less often than the frequency of the main game render. It also has the side benefit of allow materials to be applied to the render target after drawing the widgets to apply a simple post process. Single Child Caching / Performance

Member Type Offset Share

Should this widget redraw the contents it has every time it receives an invalidation request from it's children, similar to the invalidation panel.

bool 0x120

Should this widget redraw the contents it has every time the phase occurs.

bool 0x121

The Phase this widget will draw on.

int32_t 0x124

The PhaseCount controls how many phases are possible know what to modulus the current frame count by to determine if this is the current frame to draw the widget on.

int32_t 0x128

The effect to optionally apply to the render target.

UMaterialInterface* 0x130

The texture sampler parameter of the , that we'll set to the render target.

FName 0x138