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UMovementComponent > UActorComponent > UObject

ProjectileMovementComponent updates the position of another component during its tick. Behavior such as bouncing after impacts and homing toward a target are supported. Normally the root component of the owning actor is moved, however another component may be selected (see SetUpdatedComponent()). If the updated component is simulating physics, only the initial launch parameters (when initial velocity is non-zero) will affect the projectile, and the physics sim will take over from there.

Member Type Offset Share

Initial speed of projectile.

float 0xf0

Limit on speed of projectile (0 means no limit).

float 0xf4
bRotationFollowsVelocity : 1 char 0xf8
bRotationRemainsVertical : 1 char 0xf8
bShouldBounce : 1 char 0xf8
bInitialVelocityInLocalSpace : 1 char 0xf8
bForceSubStepping : 1 char 0xf8
bSimulationEnabled : 1 char 0xf8
bSweepCollision : 1 char 0xf8
bIsHomingProjectile : 1 char 0xf8
bBounceAngleAffectsFriction : 1 char 0xf9
bIsSliding : 1 char 0xf9
bInterpMovement : 1 char 0xf9
bInterpRotation : 1 char 0xf9

Saved HitResult Time (0 to 1) from previous simulation step. Equal to 1.0 when there was no impact.

float 0xfc

Saved HitResult Normal from previous simulation step that resulted in an impact.

FVector 0x100

Custom gravity scale for this projectile. Set to 0 for no gravity.

float 0x10c

Buoyancy of UpdatedComponent in fluid. 0.0=sinks as fast as in air, 1.0=neutral buoyancy

float 0x110

Percentage of velocity maintained after the bounce in the direction of the normal of impact (coefficient of restitution).

float 0x114

Coefficient of friction, affecting the resistance to sliding along a surface.

float 0x118

If velocity is below this threshold after a bounce, stops simulating and triggers the OnProjectileStop event.

float 0x11c

When bounce angle affects friction, apply at least this fraction of normal friction.

float 0x120

Called when projectile impacts something and bounces are enabled.

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x128

Called when projectile has come to a stop (velocity is below simulation threshold, bounces are disabled, or it is forcibly stopped).

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x138

The magnitude of our acceleration towards the homing target.

float 0x148

The current target we are homing towards.

TWeakObjectPtr<USceneComponent> 0x14c

Max time delta for each discrete simulation step.

float 0x154

Max number of iterations used for each discrete simulation step.

int32_t 0x158

On the first few bounces (up to this amount), allow extra iterations over MaxSimulationIterations if necessary.

int32_t 0x15c

"Time" over which most of the location interpolation occurs, when the UpdatedComponent (target) moves ahead of the interpolated component.

float 0x160

"Time" over which most of the rotation interpolation occurs, when the UpdatedComponent (target) moves ahead of the interpolated component.

float 0x164

Max distance behind UpdatedComponent which the interpolated component is allowed to lag.

float 0x168

Max distance behind UpdatedComponent beyond which the interpolated component is snapped to the target location instead.

float 0x16c