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UParticleModuleTypeDataBase > UParticleModule > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
MaxTessellationBetweenParticles int32_t 0x30
SheetsPerTrail int32_t 0x34
MaxTrailCount int32_t 0x38
MaxParticleInTrailCount int32_t 0x3c
bDeadTrailsOnDeactivate : 1 char 0x40
bDeadTrailsOnSourceLoss : 1 char 0x40
bClipSourceSegement : 1 char 0x40
bEnablePreviousTangentRecalculation : 1 char 0x40
bTangentRecalculationEveryFrame : 1 char 0x40
bSpawnInitialParticle : 1 char 0x40
RenderAxis ETrailsRenderAxisOption 0x44
TangentSpawningScalar float 0x48
bRenderGeometry : 1 char 0x4c
bRenderSpawnPoints : 1 char 0x4c
bRenderTangents : 1 char 0x4c
bRenderTessellation : 1 char 0x4c
TilingDistance float 0x50
DistanceTessellationStepSize float 0x54
bEnableTangentDiffInterpScale : 1 char 0x58
TangentTessellationScalar float 0x5c