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UParticleModuleTypeDataBase > UParticleModule > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
BeamMethod EBeam2Method 0x30
TextureTile int32_t 0x34
TextureTileDistance float 0x38
Sheets int32_t 0x3c
MaxBeamCount int32_t 0x40
Speed float 0x44
InterpolationPoints int32_t 0x48
bAlwaysOn : 1 char 0x4c
UpVectorStepSize int32_t 0x50
BranchParentName FName 0x54
Distance FRawDistributionFloat 0x60
TaperMethod EBeamTaperMethod 0x90
TaperFactor FRawDistributionFloat 0x98
TaperScale FRawDistributionFloat 0xc8
RenderGeometry : 1 char 0xf8
RenderDirectLine : 1 char 0xf8
RenderLines : 1 char 0xf8
RenderTessellation : 1 char 0xf8