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UParticleModuleLocationBase > UParticleModule > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
SourceType ELocationSkelVertSurfaceSource 0x30
UniversalOffset FVector 0x34
bUpdatePositionEachFrame : 1 char 0x40
bOrientMeshEmitters : 1 char 0x40
bInheritBoneVelocity : 1 char 0x40
InheritVelocityScale float 0x44
SkelMeshActorParamName FName 0x48
ValidAssociatedBones TArray<FName> 0x50
bEnforceNormalCheck : 1 char 0x60
NormalToCompare FVector 0x64
NormalCheckToleranceDegrees float 0x70
NormalCheckTolerance float 0x74
ValidMaterialIndices TArray<int32_t> 0x78
bInheritVertexColor : 1 char 0x88
bInheritUV : 1 char 0x88
InheritUVChannel uint32_t 0x8c