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Member Type Offset Share
bLocalSpace bool 0x28
bDeterminism bool 0x29
RandomSeed int32_t 0x2c
AllocationMode EParticleAllocationMode 0x30
PreAllocationCount int32_t 0x34
UpdateScriptProps FNiagaraEmitterScriptProperties 0x38
SpawnScriptProps FNiagaraEmitterScriptProperties 0x60
EmitterSpawnScriptProps FNiagaraEmitterScriptProperties 0x88
EmitterUpdateScriptProps FNiagaraEmitterScriptProperties 0xb0
SimTarget ENiagaraSimTarget 0xd8
FixedBounds FBox 0xdc
MinDetailLevel int32_t 0xf8
MaxDetailLevel int32_t 0xfc
GlobalSpawnCountScaleOverrides FNiagaraDetailsLevelScaleOverrides 0x100
Platforms FNiagaraPlatformSet 0x118
ScalabilityOverrides FNiagaraEmitterScalabilityOverrides 0x138
bInterpolatedSpawning : 1 char 0x148
bFixedBounds : 1 char 0x148
bUseMinDetailLevel : 1 char 0x148
bUseMaxDetailLevel : 1 char 0x148
bOverrideGlobalSpawnCountScale : 1 char 0x148
bRequiresPersistentIDs : 1 char 0x148
MaxDeltaTimePerTick float 0x14c
DefaultShaderStageIndex uint32_t 0x150
MaxUpdateIterations uint32_t 0x154
SpawnStages TSet<uint32_t> 0x158
bSimulationStagesEnabled : 1 char 0x1a8
bDeprecatedShaderStagesEnabled : 1 char 0x1a8
bLimitDeltaTime : 1 char 0x1a8
UniqueEmitterName FString 0x1b0
RendererProperties TArray<UNiagaraRendererProperties*> 0x1c0
EventHandlerScriptProps TArray<FNiagaraEventScriptProperties> 0x1d0
SimulationStages TArray<UNiagaraSimulationStageBase*> 0x1e0
GPUComputeScript UNiagaraScript* 0x1f0
SharedEventGeneratorIds TArray<FName> 0x1f8