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UNavigationSystemBase > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
MainNavData ANavigationData* 0x28

Special navigation data for managing direct paths, not part of NavDataSet!

ANavigationData* 0x30

If not None indicates which of navigation datas and supported agents are going to be used as the default ones.

FName 0x38
CrowdManagerClass TSoftClassPtr<UObject> 0x40
bAutoCreateNavigationData : 1 char 0x68
bSpawnNavDataInNavBoundsLevel : 1 char 0x68
bAllowClientSideNavigation : 1 char 0x68
bShouldDiscardSubLevelNavData : 1 char 0x68
bTickWhilePaused : 1 char 0x68
bSupportRebuilding : 1 char 0x68
bInitialBuildingLocked : 1 char 0x68
bSkipAgentHeightCheckWhenPickingNavData : 1 char 0x69

Sets how navigation data should be gathered when building collision information

ENavDataGatheringModeConfig 0x6c
bGenerateNavigationOnlyAroundNavigationInvokers : 1 char 0x70

Minimal time, in seconds, between active tiles set update

float 0x74

List of agents types supported by this navigation system

TArray<FNavDataConfig> 0x78

NavigationSystem's properties in Project Settings define all possible supported agents, but a specific navigation system can choose to support only a subset of agents.

FNavAgentSelector 0x88
NavDataSet TArray<ANavigationData*> 0x90
NavDataRegistrationQueue TArray<ANavigationData*> 0xa0
OnNavDataRegisteredEvent FMulticastInlineDelegate 0xc0
OnNavigationGenerationFinishedDelegate FMulticastInlineDelegate 0xd0
OperationMode FNavigationSystemRunMode 0x1bc
DirtyAreasUpdateFreq float 0x514