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UActorComponent > UObject

MovementComponent is an abstract component class that defines functionality for moving a PrimitiveComponent (our UpdatedComponent) each tick. Base functionality includes: Restricting movement to a plane or axis. Utility functions for special handling of collision results (SlideAlongSurface(), ComputeSlideVector(), TwoWallAdjust()). Utility functions for moving when there may be initial penetration (SafeMoveUpdatedComponent(), ResolvePenetration()). Automatically registering the component tick and finding a component to move on the owning Actor. Normally the root component of the owning actor is moved, however another component may be selected (see SetUpdatedComponent()). During swept (non-teleporting) movement only collision of UpdatedComponent is considered, attached components will teleport to the end location ignoring collision.

Member Type Offset Share

The component we move and update.

USceneComponent* 0xb0

UpdatedComponent, cast as a UPrimitiveComponent.

UPrimitiveComponent* 0xb8

Current velocity of updated component.

FVector 0xc4

The normal or axis of the plane that constrains movement, if bConstrainToPlane is enabled.

FVector 0xd0

The origin of the plane that constrains movement, if plane constraint is enabled.

FVector 0xdc
bUpdateOnlyIfRendered : 1 char 0xe8
bAutoUpdateTickRegistration : 1 char 0xe8
bTickBeforeOwner : 1 char 0xe8
bAutoRegisterUpdatedComponent : 1 char 0xe8
bConstrainToPlane : 1 char 0xe8
bSnapToPlaneAtStart : 1 char 0xe8
bAutoRegisterPhysicsVolumeUpdates : 1 char 0xe8
bComponentShouldUpdatePhysicsVolume : 1 char 0xe8
PlaneConstraintAxisSetting EPlaneConstraintAxisSetting 0xeb