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USceneComponent > UActorComponent > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
OnMeshTrackerUpdated FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x1f8
ScanWorld bool 0x208
MeshType EMagicLeapMeshType 0x209
BoundingVolume UBoxComponent* 0x210
LevelOfDetail EMagicLeapMeshLOD 0x218
PerimeterOfGapsToFill float 0x21c
Planarize bool 0x220
DisconnectedSectionArea float 0x224
RequestNormals bool 0x228
RequestVertexConfidence bool 0x229
VertexColorMode EMagicLeapMeshVertexColorMode 0x22a
BlockVertexColors TArray<FColor> 0x230
VertexColorFromConfidenceZero FLinearColor 0x240
VertexColorFromConfidenceOne FLinearColor 0x250
RemoveOverlappingTriangles bool 0x260
MRMesh UMRMeshComponent* 0x268
BricksPerFrame int32_t 0x270