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USceneComponent > UActorComponent > UObject

Member Type Offset Share

GUID used to associate a light component with precomputed shadowing information across levels.

FGuid 0x1f0
Brightness float 0x200

Total energy that the light emits.

float 0x204

Filter color of the light. that this can change the light's effective intensity.

FColor 0x208
bAffectsWorld : 1 char 0x20c
CastShadows : 1 char 0x20c
CastStaticShadows : 1 char 0x20c
CastDynamicShadows : 1 char 0x20c
bAffectTranslucentLighting : 1 char 0x20c
bTransmission : 1 char 0x20c
bCastVolumetricShadow : 1 char 0x20c
bCastDeepShadow : 1 char 0x20c
bCastRaytracedShadow : 1 char 0x20d
bAffectReflection : 1 char 0x20d
bAffectGlobalIllumination : 1 char 0x20d

Scales the indirect lighting contribution from this light.

float 0x210

Intensity of the volumetric scattering from this light. This scales Intensity and LightColor.

float 0x214

Samples per pixel for ray tracing

int32_t 0x218