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A UInteractiveTool contains a set of UObjects that contain "properties" of the Tool, ie the configuration flags, parameters, etc that control the Tool. Currently any UObject can be added as a property set, however there is no automatic mechanism for those child UObjects to notify the Tool when a property changes. If you make your property set UObjects subclasses of UInteractiveToolPropertySet, then when the Tool Properties are changed in the Editor, the parent Tool will be automatically notified. You can override UInteractiveTool::OnPropertyModified() to act on these notifications

Member Type Offset Share

CachedProperties should only ever be set to an instance of the subclass, ideally via GetPropertyCache().

UObject* 0x40

Controls whether a property set is shown in the UI. Transient so that disabling a PropertySet in one tool doesn't disable it in others.

bool 0x48