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UInteractiveToolManager allows users of the tools framework to create and operate Tool instances. For each Tool, a (string,ToolBuilder) pair is registered with the ToolManager. Tools can then be activated via the string identifier. Currently a single Tool can be active for each input device. So for mouse input a single Tool is available and effectively a lightweight mode. The mouse uses the "Left" tool slot. For VR controllers and touch input, a "Left" and "Right" tool can be active at the same time. Tools are not directly created. Use SelectActiveToolType(side,string) to set the active ToolBuilder on a given side, and then use ActivateTool() to create the new Tool instance.

Member Type Offset Share

Currently-active Left Tool, or null if no Tool is active

UInteractiveTool* 0x30

Currently-active Right Tool, or null if no Tool is active

UInteractiveTool* 0x38

Current set of named ToolBuilders

TMap<FString, UInteractiveToolBuilder*> 0x90