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UGameInstance > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
SteamBridge UISteamBridge* 0x198
bHadNetworkFailure bool 0x1c0
LastNetworkFailure ENetworkFailure 0x1c1
LastNetworkFailureMessage FString 0x1c8
bReplayRecording bool 0x208
Maps TArray<FMapInfo> 0x210
GameModes TArray<FGameModeInfo> 0x220
DedicatedServerClassList TArray<UObject*> 0x230
CharacterDataTable TSoftObjectPtr<UDataTable> 0x250
ProgressionDataTable TSoftObjectPtr<UDataTable> 0x278
LoadingScreenHintsDataTable TSoftObjectPtr<UDataTable> 0x2a0
LastKickReason FText 0x368
GameTipsDataTable TSoftObjectPtr<UDataTable> 0x398
OnMasterGameDataReceived FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x3c8
MasterGameData FGameData 0x3d8