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UGameplayTagsList > UObject

Class for importing GameplayTags directly from a config file. FGameplayTagsEditorModule::StartupModule adds this class to the Project Settings menu to be edited. Editing this in Project Settings will output changes to Config/DefaultGameplayTags.ini. Primary advantages of this approach are: -Adding new tags doesn't require checking out external and editing file (CSV or xls) then reimporting. -New tags are mergeable since .ini are text and non exclusive checkout. To do: -Better support could be added for adding new tags. We could match existing tags and autocomplete subtags as the user types (e.g, autocomplete 'Damage.Physical' as the user is adding a 'Damage.Physical.Slash' tag).

Member Type Offset Share

If true, will import tags from ini files in the config/tags folder

bool 0x48

If true, will give load warnings when reading in saved tag references that are not in the dictionary

bool 0x49

If true, will replicate gameplay tags by index instead of name.

bool 0x4a

These characters cannot be used in gameplay tags, in addition to special ones like newline

FString 0x50

Category remapping.

TArray<FGameplayTagCategoryRemap> 0x60

List of data tables to load tags from

TArray<FSoftObjectPath> 0x70

List of active tag redirects

TArray<FGameplayTagRedirect> 0x80

List of most frequently replicated tags

TArray<FName> 0x90

Numbers of bits to use for replicating container size, set this based on how large your containers tend to be

int32_t 0xa0

The length in bits of the first segment when net serializing tags.

int32_t 0xa4

A list of .ini files used to store restricted gameplay tags.

TArray<FRestrictedConfigInfo> 0xa8