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UScriptViewportClient > UObject

A game viewport (FViewport) is a high-level abstract interface for the platform specific rendering, audio, and input subsystems. GameViewportClient is the engine's interface to a game viewport. Exactly one GameViewportClient is created for each instance of the game. The only case (so far) where you might have a single instance of Engine, but multiple instances of the game (and thus multiple GameViewportClients) is when you have more than one PIE window running. Responsibilities: propagating input events to the global interactions list

Member Type Offset Share

The viewport's console. Might be null on consoles

UConsole* 0x40

Debug properties that have been added via one of the "displayall" commands

TArray<FDebugDisplayProperty> 0x48
MaxSplitscreenPlayers int32_t 0x68

The relative world context for this viewport

UWorld* 0x78
GameInstance UGameInstance* 0x80