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Commandlet (command-line applet) class. Commandlets are executed from the ucc.exe command line utility, using the following syntax: yourgame.exe package_name.commandlet_class_name [parm=value]... for example: yourgame.exe Core.HelloWorldCommandlet yourgame.exe UnrealEd.CookCommandlet As a convenience, if a user tries to run a commandlet and the exact name he types isn't found, then ucc.exe appends the text "commandlet" onto the name and tries again. Therefore, the following shortcuts perform identically to the above: yourgame.exe Core.HelloWorld yourgame.exe UnrealEd.Make Commandlets are executed in a "raw" environment, in which the game isn't loaded, the client code isn't loaded, no levels are loaded, and no actors exist. To disable shader compiling during the run of the commandlet add "-NoShaderCompile" to the commandline. This would be added as data member setting except that the shader compiler is initialized before a commandlet is created so it cannot be queried soon enough.

Member Type Offset Share

Description of the commandlet's purpose

FString 0x28

Usage template to show for "ucc help"

FString 0x38

Hyperlink for more info

FString 0x48

The name of the parameter the commandlet takes

TArray<FString> 0x58

The description of the parameter

TArray<FString> 0x68
IsServer : 1 char 0x78
IsClient : 1 char 0x78
IsEditor : 1 char 0x78
LogToConsole : 1 char 0x78
ShowErrorCount : 1 char 0x78
ShowProgress : 1 char 0x78