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UClothConfigCommon > UClothConfigBase > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
MassMode EClothMassMode 0x28
UniformMass float 0x2c
TotalMass float 0x30
Density float 0x34
MinPerParticleMass float 0x38
EdgeStiffness float 0x3c
BendingStiffness float 0x40
AreaStiffness float 0x44
VolumeStiffness float 0x48
StrainLimitingStiffness float 0x4c
LimitScale float 0x50
bUseGeodesicDistance bool 0x54
ShapeTargetStiffness float 0x58
CollisionThickness float 0x5c
FrictionCoefficient float 0x60
DampingCoefficient float 0x64
DragCoefficient float 0x68
AnimDriveSpringStiffness float 0x6c
bUseBendingElements bool 0x70
bUseTetrahedralConstraints bool 0x71
bUseThinShellVolumeConstraints bool 0x72
bUseSelfCollisions bool 0x73
bUseContinuousCollisionDetection bool 0x74
LinearVelocityScale FVector 0x78
AngularVelocityScale float 0x84