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UTextureRenderTarget2D > UTextureRenderTarget > UTexture > UStreamableRenderAsset > UObject

CanvasRenderTarget2D is 2D render target which exposes a Canvas interface to allow you to draw elements onto it directly. Use CreateCanvasRenderTarget2D() to create a render target texture by unique name, then bind a function to the OnCanvasRenderTargetUpdate delegate which will be called when the render target is updated. If you need to repaint your canvas every single frame, simply call UpdateResource() on it from a Tick function. Also, remember to hold onto your new canvas render target with a reference so that it doesn't get garbage collected.

Member Type Offset Share

Called when this Canvas Render Target is asked to update its texture resource.

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0xe8

The world this render target will be used with

TWeakObjectPtr<UWorld> 0xf8

If true, clear the render target to green whenever OnReceiveUpdate() is called.

bool 0x100