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Member Type Offset Share
bSingleInstance : 1 char 0x28
OscillationDuration float 0x2c
OscillationBlendInTime float 0x30
OscillationBlendOutTime float 0x34
RotOscillation FROscillator 0x38
LocOscillation FVOscillator 0x5c
FOVOscillation FFOscillator 0x80
AnimPlayRate float 0x8c
AnimScale float 0x90
AnimBlendInTime float 0x94
AnimBlendOutTime float 0x98
RandomAnimSegmentDuration float 0x9c
Anim UCameraAnim* 0xa0
bRandomAnimSegment : 1 char 0xa8
CameraOwner APlayerCameraManager* 0xc0
ShakeScale float 0x148
OscillatorTimeRemaining float 0x14c
AnimInst UCameraAnimInst* 0x150