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BodySetup contains all collision information that is associated with a single asset. A single BodySetup instance is shared among many BodyInstances so that geometry data is not duplicated. Assets typically implement a GetBodySetup function that is used during physics state creation.

Member Type Offset Share

Simplified collision representation of this

FKAggregateGeom 0x28
BoneName FName 0x80
PhysicsType EPhysicsType 0x88
bAlwaysFullAnimWeight : 1 char 0x89
bConsiderForBounds : 1 char 0x89
bMeshCollideAll : 1 char 0x89
bDoubleSidedGeometry : 1 char 0x89
bGenerateNonMirroredCollision : 1 char 0x89
bSharedCookedData : 1 char 0x89
bGenerateMirroredCollision : 1 char 0x89
bSupportUVsAndFaceRemap : 1 char 0x89
CollisionReponse EBodyCollisionResponse 0x8b
CollisionTraceFlag ECollisionTraceFlag 0x8c

Physical material to use for simple collision on this body.

UPhysicalMaterial* 0x90

Custom walkable slope setting for this body.

FWalkableSlopeOverride 0x98

Default properties of the body instance, copied into objects on instantiation, was URB_BodyInstance

FBodyInstance 0x120

Build scale for this body setup (static mesh settings define this value)

FVector 0x258