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UUserWidget > UWidget > UVisual > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
UberGraphFrame FPointerToUberGraphFrame 0x230
BG UImage* 0x238
CheckBox_SmoothFPS UCheckBox* 0x240
CheckBox_VSync UCheckBox* 0x248
ComboBox_AntiAliasing UComboBoxString* 0x250
ComboBox_Effects UComboBoxString* 0x258
Combobox_Foliage UComboBoxString* 0x260
ComboBox_PostProcess UComboBoxString* 0x268
ComboBox_Resolution UComboBoxString* 0x270
ComboBox_Shadows UComboBoxString* 0x278
ComboBox_Textures UComboBoxString* 0x280
ComboBox_ViewDistance UComboBoxString* 0x288
ComboBox_WindowMode UComboBoxString* 0x290
EX UImage* 0x298
TextBlock_899 UTextBlock* 0x2a0
TextBlock_1011 UTextBlock* 0x2a8
TextBox_FPS UEditableTextBox* 0x2b0
TextBox_RenderScale UEditableTextBox* 0x2b8