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UInteractiveGizmo > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
AxisSource TScriptInterface<IGizmoAxisSource> 0x48
AngleSource TScriptInterface<IGizmoFloatParameterSource> 0x58
HitTarget TScriptInterface<IGizmoClickTarget> 0x68
StateTarget TScriptInterface<IGizmoStateTarget> 0x78
bInInteraction bool 0x88
RotationOrigin FVector 0x8c
RotationAxis FVector 0x98
RotationPlaneX FVector 0xa4
RotationPlaneY FVector 0xb0
InteractionStartPoint FVector 0xbc
InteractionCurPoint FVector 0xc8
InteractionStartAngle float 0xd4
InteractionCurAngle float 0xd8