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AActor > UObject

Represents abstract Navigation Data (sub-classed as NavMesh, NavGraph, etc) Used as a common interface for all navigation types handled by NavigationSystem

Member Type Offset Share
RenderingComp UPrimitiveComponent* 0x228
NavDataConfig FNavDataConfig 0x230
bEnableDrawing : 1 char 0x2a8
bForceRebuildOnLoad : 1 char 0x2a8
bAutoDestroyWhenNoNavigation : 1 char 0x2a8
bCanBeMainNavData : 1 char 0x2a8
bCanSpawnOnRebuild : 1 char 0x2a8
bRebuildAtRuntime : 1 char 0x2a8

Navigation data runtime generation options

ERuntimeGenerationType 0x2ac

All observed paths will be processed every ObservedPathsTickInterval seconds

float 0x2b0

Navigation data versioning.

uint32_t 0x2b4

Serialized area class - ID mapping

TArray<FSupportedAreaData> 0x398