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AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share

The matinee data used by this actor

UInterpData* 0x220

Name of controller node in level script, used to know what function to try and find for events

FName 0x228

Time multiplier for playback.

float 0x230
bPlayOnLevelLoad : 1 char 0x234
bForceStartPos : 1 char 0x234

Time position to always start at if bForceStartPos is set to true.

float 0x238
bLooping : 1 char 0x23c
bRewindOnPlay : 1 char 0x23c
bNoResetOnRewind : 1 char 0x23c
bRewindIfAlreadyPlaying : 1 char 0x23c
bDisableRadioFilter : 1 char 0x23c
bClientSideOnly : 1 char 0x23c
bSkipUpdateIfNotVisible : 1 char 0x23c
bIsSkippable : 1 char 0x23c

Preferred local viewport number (when split screen is active) the director track should associate with, or zero for 'all'.

int32_t 0x240
bDisableMovementInput : 1 char 0x244
bDisableLookAtInput : 1 char 0x244
bHidePlayer : 1 char 0x244
bHideHud : 1 char 0x244
GroupActorInfos TArray<FInterpGroupActorInfo> 0x248
bShouldShowGore : 1 char 0x258

Instance data for interp groups. One for each variable/group combination.

TArray<UInterpGroupInst*> 0x260

Contains the camera world-position for each camera cut in the cinematic.

TArray<FCameraCutInfo> 0x270
bIsPlaying : 1 char 0x280
bReversePlayback : 1 char 0x280
bPaused : 1 char 0x280
bPendingStop : 1 char 0x280
InterpPosition float 0x284
ReplicationForceIsPlaying char 0x28c

Event triggered when the matinee is played for whatever reason

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x290

Event triggered when the matinee is stopped for whatever reason

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x2a0

Event triggered when the matinee is paused for whatever reason

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x2b0