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AActor > UObject

Actor responsible for controlling a specific level sequence in the world.

Member Type Offset Share
PlaybackSettings FMovieSceneSequencePlaybackSettings 0x230
SequencePlayer ULevelSequencePlayer* 0x248
LevelSequence FSoftObjectPath 0x250
AdditionalEventReceivers TArray<AActor*> 0x268
CameraSettings FLevelSequenceCameraSettings 0x278
BurnInOptions ULevelSequenceBurnInOptions* 0x280

Mapping of actors to override the sequence bindings with

UMovieSceneBindingOverrides* 0x288
bAutoPlay : 1 char 0x290
bOverrideInstanceData : 1 char 0x290
bReplicatePlayback : 1 char 0x290

Instance data that can be used to dynamically control sequence evaluation at runtime

UObject* 0x298
BurnInInstance ULevelSequenceBurnIn* 0x2a0
bShowBurnin bool 0x2a8