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AActor > UObject

LODActor is an instance of an autogenerated StaticMesh Actors by Hierarchical LOD System This is essentially just StaticMeshActor that you can't move or edit, but it contains multiple actors reference

Member Type Offset Share
StaticMeshComponent UStaticMeshComponent* 0x220
ImpostersStaticMeshComponents TMap<UMaterialInterface*, UInstancedStaticMeshComponent*> 0x228
Proxy UHLODProxy* 0x278
Key FName 0x280
LODDrawDistance float 0x288

The hierarchy level of this actor; the first tier of HLOD is level 1, the second tier is level 2 and so on.

int32_t 0x28c
SubActors TArray<AActor*> 0x290
CachedNumHLODLevels char 0x2a0