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APlayerState > AInfo > AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
CharRowName FName 0x320
DNA FString 0x328
MotherDNA FString 0x338
FatherDNA FString 0x348
OwnerSteamId FString 0x358
CharacterType ECharacterType 0x368
ProgressionTier int32_t 0x36c
ProgressionPoints int32_t 0x370
UnlockedCharacters TArray<FName> 0x378
PIEID int32_t 0x388
GroupID int32_t 0x38c
GroupJoinedTime float 0x390
NumDeaths int32_t 0x394
bServerAdmin : 1 char 0x398
bCanAcceptNestInvites bool 0x39c
CachedAvatar UTexture2D* 0x3a0