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AIUsableActor > AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
Patriarch TWeakObjectPtr<AIDinosaurCharacter> 0x250
Matriarch TWeakObjectPtr<AIDinosaurCharacter> 0x258
PatriarchUniqueNetID FString 0x260
MatriarchUniqueNetID FString 0x270
OffspringClass AIDinosaurCharacter* 0x280
DNA FString 0x288
GestationPeriod int32_t 0x298
IncubationPeriod int32_t 0x29c
MaxEggs int32_t 0x2a0
MaxOffspring int32_t 0x2a4
Fertilization int32_t 0x2a8
Incubation int32_t 0x2ac
Food int32_t 0x2b0
Health int32_t 0x2b4
NextGestationTick float 0x2b8
DestroyedMesh UStaticMesh* 0x2c0