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AGameSession > AInfo > AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
ServerName FString 0x238
ServerTag EServerTag 0x248
ServerDiscord FString 0x260
bServerGlobalChat bool 0x270
bServerNameTags bool 0x271
bServerGrowth bool 0x272
bServerNesting bool 0x273
ServerDeadBodyTime int32_t 0x274
ServerRespawnTime int32_t 0x278
ServerLogoutTime int32_t 0x27c
ServerFootprintLifetime int32_t 0x280
bServerAllowTurnInPlace bool 0x284
bServerFallDamage bool 0x285
bServerAllowReplayRecording bool 0x286
bServerDynamicTimeOfDay bool 0x287
ServerTimeOfDayInSeconds int32_t 0x288
ServerLengthOfDayInSeconds int32_t 0x28c
bServerDynamicWeather bool 0x290
ServerAdmins TArray<FString> 0x298
InstanceServerAdmins TArray<FString> 0x2a8
InstanceGameDevs TArray<FString> 0x2b8
BannedUsers TArray<FBanInfo> 0x2c8
InstanceBannedUsers TArray<FBanInfo> 0x2d8