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AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
MoundRoot USceneComponent* 0x230
MoundMesh UStaticMeshComponent* 0x238
MoundCollider USphereComponent* 0x240
CaveRoot USceneComponent* 0x248
CaveBounds USphereComponent* 0x250
CaveEntrance USceneComponent* 0x258
CaveLight USpotLightComponent* 0x260
CaveExitCollider UBoxComponent* 0x268
ForwardOffset float 0x270
ExitForwardOffset float 0x274
DigDuration float 0x278
MaxGuests int32_t 0x27c
CaveDepth float 0x280
CollapseDuration float 0x284
IntruderCollapseDuration float 0x288
MoundAjustedScale float 0x28c
DigProgress float 0x290
CurrentDigger TWeakObjectPtr<AIDinosaurCharacter> 0x294
bIsCollapsing bool 0x2b0
AllowedIntruders TArray<FName> 0x2b8
CurrentIntruder TWeakObjectPtr<AIDinosaurCharacter> 0x2c8
OnSkyColorChanged FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x2d0