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ACharacter > APawn > AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
bIsFlyingCharacter bool 0x4c8
CharacterSaveDelay float 0x4cc
bIsAIControlled : 1 char 0x4d8
bGender : 1 char 0x4d8
AccountUID FString 0x4e0
CachedSkinIndex int32_t 0x4f0
bGodmode bool 0x4f4
NewNightVisionPostProcessComponent UPostProcessComponent* 0x4f8
NameTag UWidgetComponent* 0x508
bOwnerSpectating bool 0x518
CharacterLingerTime float 0x51c
OnDied FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x520
DietRequirements EDietaryRequirements 0x530
FoliageFoodTypes char 0x531
BodyFoodValue float 0x534
BodyFoodDecayAmount float 0x538
BodyFoodDecayRate float 0x53c
FoodConsumedPerTick float 0x540
FoodConsumedTickRate float 0x544
WaterConsumedPerTick float 0x548
WaterConsumedTickRate float 0x54c
TimerHandle_DecayBody FTimerHandle 0x550
TimerHandle_BodyDestroy FTimerHandle 0x558
HealthRegenRate float 0x560
HealthRegenAmount float 0x564
HealthRegenRestingMultiplier float 0x568
TimerHandle_UpdateHealth FTimerHandle 0x570
BleedingDecals TArray<ADecalActor*> 0x578
Footprints FStepData 0x588
BleedTickRate float 0x5b8
TimerHandle_UpdateBleed FTimerHandle 0x5c0
BleedingRate int32_t 0x5c8
BleedingRatio float 0x5cc
BleedingRatioResting float 0x5d0
BleedingRatioTrotting float 0x5d4
BleedingRatioSprinting float 0x5d8
BleedingHealAmount int32_t 0x5dc
BleedingHealAmountResting int32_t 0x5e0
FallingLegDamageAmount float 0x5e4
CurrentLegDamage float 0x5e8
LegHealRate float 0x5ec
LegHealRateResting float 0x5f0
TurnInPlaceRotationRate FRotator 0x604
LimpingHealthThresholdPercent float 0x610
EatAnimMontage UAnimMontage* 0x618
DrinkAnimMontage UAnimMontage* 0x638
UseObjectRange float 0x644
UseObjectSphereRadius float 0x648
CurrentlyUsedObject FUsableObjectReference 0x658
CurrentUseAnimMontage UAnimMontage* 0x668
InstancedUsableCustomDepthStaticMesh UStaticMeshComponent* 0x670
AimBehindRange float 0x678
MaxFocusTargetDistance float 0x67c
FreeAimFocalRange float 0x680
FocusFromLocationComponent USceneComponent* 0x688
DesiredTargetFocalPointComponent UFocalPointComponent* 0x690
ClearTargetFocalPointComponentDelay float 0x698
TargetFocalPointComponent UFocalPointComponent* 0x6a0
AimRotationRate FRotator 0x6b0
DefaultAimOffset FRotator 0x6bc
RemoteDesiredAimPitch char 0x6e0
RemoteDesiredAimYaw char 0x6e1
FocusedObject FUsableObjectReference 0x6f0
AudioLoopComp UAudioComponent* 0x708
SoundTakeHit USoundCue* 0x710
SoundBreakLegs USoundCue* 0x718
SoundDeath USoundCue* 0x720
bIsUnderwater bool 0x728
bIsDrowning bool 0x729
SprintingSpeedModifier float 0x72c
TrottingSpeedModifier float 0x730
Health int32_t 0x734
Stamina int32_t 0x738
StaminaRecoverRate float 0x73c
StaminaRestingRecoverAmount float 0x740
StaminaDecayRate float 0x744
StaminaDecayPercentSwimming float 0x748
StaminaDecayAmount int32_t 0x74c
StaminaRecoverAmount int32_t 0x750
StaminaJumpDecay int32_t 0x754
StaminaJumpModifier float 0x758
StaminaJumpModifierCooldown float 0x75c
TimeSinceLastJump float 0x760
Hunger int32_t 0x780
HungerUpdateRate float 0x784
HungerDecayAmount int32_t 0x788
Thirst int32_t 0x798
ThirstUpdateRate float 0x79c
ThirstDecayAmount int32_t 0x7a0
Oxygen int32_t 0x7b0
OxygenLossPerTick float 0x7b4
OxygenGainPerTick float 0x7b8
OxygenTickRate float 0x7bc
DrowningDamagePercent float 0x7c0
LastTakeHitInfo FTakeHitInfo 0x7d0
bInRagdoll bool 0x8f0
TimerHandle_FreezeRagdoll FTimerHandle 0x8f8
bEnableCarryingCorpses bool 0x900
GrabbedCharacter AIBaseCharacter* 0x908
GrabbedByCharacter AIBaseCharacter* 0x910
MoveGrabbedBodyToHoldPositionRate float 0x918
CameraDistanceRange FVector2D 0x928
ThirdPersonSpringArmComponent USpringArmComponent* 0x930
CamOffsetLeft FCameraOffsetPitchBlend 0x938
CamOffsetCentre FCameraOffsetPitchBlend 0x968
CamOffsetRight FCameraOffsetPitchBlend 0x998
CamOffsetReversed FCameraOffsetPitchBlend 0x9c8
SpringArmMoveSpeed float 0x9f8
SpringArmRotateRate float 0x9fc
CameraDollyTargetAdjustSize float 0xa00
CameraDollyRate float 0xa04
DesireSpringArmLength float 0xa08
HeadBoneName FName 0xa0c
CameraDistanceToHeadMovementContributionCurve UCurveFloat* 0xa18
CameraRotRelativeFOVRange FVector2D 0xa20
CameraRotRelativeOffsetRange FVector2D 0xa28
CameraRotRelativeSpeedRange FVector2D 0xa30
SpeedBasedCameraEffectLerpRate float 0xa38
bIsBasicInputDisabled : 1 char 0xa40
bDesiresToSprint : 1 char 0xa40
bDesiresToTrot : 1 char 0xa40
CurrentMovementType EGroundMovementType 0xa44
bIsJumping : 1 char 0xa48
bEnableJumpModifier : 1 char 0xa48
bCanEverLimp : 1 char 0xa48
bIsLimping : 1 char 0xa48
bIsFeignLimping : 1 char 0xa48
bBrokenLegs : 1 char 0xa48
bIsResting : 1 char 0xa48
bCanEverRest : 1 char 0xa48
bIsEating : 1 char 0xa49
bIsDrinking : 1 char 0xa49
bUseSeparateAimRotation : 1 char 0xa49
bIsDying : 1 char 0xa49
bUpdateFocusBasedOnPlayerView : 1 char 0xa49
bRotateToNewViewTargetAroundPawnViewLocation : 1 char 0xa49
TeamID FGenericTeamId 0xa4c
AIFootstepRange float 0xa50
AIFootstepSprintLoudness float 0xa54
AIFootstepTrotLoudness float 0xa58
AIFootstepCrouchLoudness float 0xa5c
bUseSkinPalette bool 0xa60
SkinPaletteData FSkinPaletteData 0xa64
CharacterGameTips TArray<FName> 0xa70
TimerHandle_GameTips FTimerHandle 0xa88