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AActor > UObject

AGeometryCollectionRenderLevelSetActor An actor representing the collection of data necessary to render volumes. This references a ray marching material, which is used internally by a post process component blendable. This is a workflow that can be improved with a deeper implementation in the future if we decide to. that behavior with multiple render level set actors isn't currently supported very well, but could be improved in the future

Member Type Offset Share

Volume texture to fill.

UVolumeTexture* 0x220

Material that performs ray marching.

UMaterial* 0x228

Surface tolerance used for rendering. When surface reconstruction is noisy, try tweaking this value

float 0x230

Isovalue of the level set to use for surface reconstruction.

float 0x234

Enable or disable rendering.

bool 0x238

Enable or disable rendering.

bool 0x239