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AActor > UObject

Controllers are non-physical actors that can possess a Pawn to control its actions. PlayerControllers are used by human players to control pawns, while AIControllers implement the artificial intelligence for the pawns they control. Controllers take control of a pawn using their Possess() method, and relinquish control of the pawn by calling UnPossess(). Controllers receive notifications for many of the events occurring for the Pawn they are controlling. This gives the controller the opportunity to implement the behavior in response to this event, intercepting the event and superseding the Pawn's default behavior. ControlRotation (accessed via GetControlRotation()), determines the viewing/aiming direction of the controlled Pawn and is affected by input such as from a mouse or gamepad.

Member Type Offset Share

PlayerState containing replicated information about the player using this controller (only exists for players, not NPCs).

APlayerState* 0x228

Called when the controller has instigated damage in any way

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x238

Current gameplay state this controller is in

FName 0x248
Pawn APawn* 0x250
Character ACharacter* 0x260
TransformComponent USceneComponent* 0x268

The control rotation of the Controller. See GetControlRotation.

FRotator 0x288
bAttachToPawn : 1 char 0x294