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AController > AActor > UObject

AIController is the base class of controllers for AI-controlled Pawns. Controllers are non-physical actors that can be attached to a pawn to control its actions. AIControllers manage the artificial intelligence for the pawns they control. In networked games, they only exist on the server.

Member Type Offset Share
bStartAILogicOnPossess : 1 char 0x2d0
bStopAILogicOnUnposses : 1 char 0x2d0
bLOSflag : 1 char 0x2d0
bSkipExtraLOSChecks : 1 char 0x2d0
bAllowStrafe : 1 char 0x2d0
bWantsPlayerState : 1 char 0x2d0
bSetControlRotationFromPawnOrientation : 1 char 0x2d0
PathFollowingComponent UPathFollowingComponent* 0x2d8

Component responsible for behaviors.

UBrainComponent* 0x2e0
PerceptionComponent UAIPerceptionComponent* 0x2e8
ActionsComp UPawnActionsComponent* 0x2f0


UBlackboardComponent* 0x2f8
CachedGameplayTasksComponent UGameplayTasksComponent* 0x300
DefaultNavigationFilterClass UNavigationQueryFilter* 0x308

Blueprint notification that we've completed the current movement request

FMulticastInlineDelegate 0x310